Buyers Wanted for new homes in Buena Vista - Apply now
The Chaffee Housing Trust is offering home ownership for under $175,000

If you thought that you couldn't buy your own home, think again. Thanks to recently awarded grant funds, the Chaffee Housing Trust is looking for five households who qualify based on their income. Click here to learn more about who qualifies, and how to apply.

Old Stage Road Rowhouses at Two Rivers Nears Completion
Eight permanently affordable homes currently being occupied 

Six new homeowners are moving in as construction nears completion. Two homes will be affordable rentals. Sales prices and rents are affordable to households earning less than 80% Area Median Income. Landscaping and exterior site work will be completed as soon as warmer weather prevails.  

The Chaffee Housing Trust is a local nonprofit created to develop homeownership and rental opportunities affordable for lower income workers and residents who cannot afford market-rate housing.

We build homes using the Community Land Trust model which preserves affordability in perpetuity. Grants and donations invested in each home stay with that home as a community asset. Each home stays affordable for future generations without the need for additional subsidy. Homeowners build limited equity in their home, setting them up to move to a market-rate home when the time comes, or they can pass the home on to their heirs. The next buyer then purchases the home at a price that will be affordable to them. The Chaffee Housing Trust acts as steward to ensure that both the homeowner and the community benefit, now and in the future.

If you're a homebuyer who feels priced out of the market in Chaffee County, we want to speak with you.
If you're already a homeowner and want to help low-income families in Chaffee County, we want your support.

Or if you just want to learn more, call us. We want to share our Commitment to Community.

Contact us at and 719-239-1199
PO Box 692, Buena Vista, CO 81211