Chaffee Housing Trust Board of Directors 2017

      Per the bylaws, the CHT maintains a nine-member voting board with equal representation of low-income homeowners, government, and the community at-large. It is the goal of the organization to ultimately fill the low-income representation seats with CHT homeowners once units have been sold to qualified buyers. Until then, representatives are chosen based on their personal qualification as such, or as representatives who either work with low-income populations or have experience that qualify them to represent those interests. Currently three board members personally qualify as low-income.

      The CHT continues to recruit board members with one government representative position still available. CHT staff is working with Chaffee County and the Town of Buena Vista to identify an appropriate candidate to represent the northern end of the county. Advisory Board members are also being recruited to bring additional skills and expertise to the organization, as well as serving as a feeder to the voting board. Historically the Advisory Board had as many as 12 members.

Don Stephens – President, general representative, Salida, until 2018
Natural Habitats – Project Manager
Don has worked a wide variety of professions, and has a degree in Natural Resource Management. Don has served as chair of the Salida Planning Commission and Mayor of the City of Salida. Don’s current job is as a project manager for a major developer in Salida.

Ken Matthews – Vice-president, general representative, Salida, until 2019
Retired attorney
A recent arrival to our community, Ken has chosen to dedicate his energy and passion to an organization that he sees as essential to the integrity of our community. He brings his professional legal expertise as well as a keen interest in local housing policy. Ken is a great asset for the CHT working with our land-lease and other critical legal documents, as well as public interaction with elected officials.

Greg Follet – Treasurer, government representative, Salida, until 2018
Fish Builders – Owner
With a degree in construction management and over 25 years of experience, Greg has established himself as a quality homebuilder using innovative green and sustainable construction techniques. Greg was recently the President of the Chaffee County Homebuilders Association and currently serves on the Salida Planning Commission. He is a founding member of the CHT Board (2007)

Micki Thompson – Secretary, low-income representative, Salida, until 2020
Administrator, Diesslin Structures Inc.
Micki moved from Breckenridge, where she was able to own a deed-restricted home through the housing authority. In Salida, she was amazed to find only one rental available and that a there were no opportunities similar to Summit County. Committed to bringing opportunity to others, she sought out the CHT and joined the board in 2017. She currently works for Diesslin Structures, a large contractor in Salida, where she keep an eye on housing activity, looking for how to bring affordability through new ventures.

Ashley Mitchell – low-income representative, Buena Vista, until 2019
Evergreen Café – waitress, bookkeeper
Ashley was born and raised in Buena Vista. Her family has been in the valley for generations, working in ranching, law enforcement and at the Dept. of Corrections facility nearby. As a single mom of two children, she understands the challenges of desiring home ownership in an economy that has locals priced out of the market. Her unique position brings a wealth of communication and awareness of local issues. She approached the CHT with a passion to get involved and bring her network to bear. Ashley joined the board in 2016.

Keith Baker – government representative, Buena Vista, until 2020
Retired U.S. Navy Commander, current County Commissioner
Keith’s recent election to County Commissioner prompted him to volunteer to bring a government perspective to the CHT as he campaigned on affordable housing as a top issue. His experience as a small business owner and Trustee with the Town of Buena Vista also inform his views.

Brice Turnbull – low-income representative, Salida, until 2020
Owner of Brice Turnbull Glass
Brice has experienced first hand the challenges of home ownership as a low-income person. Through his struggles, he has come to appreciate what can be done to help people like him. As a small business owner, he knows how important it is to have a stable workforce with appropriate housing.

Morgan Pennington – general representative, Buena Vista, until 2019
Senior Mortgage Consultant, Universal Lending Corporation
Morgan brings his finance and mortgage expertise, as well as years of experience working directly with clients. He understands the benefits and challenges of home ownership and is keen to support our direct mortgage counseling services as well as homebuyer education.

Eileen Rogers – general representative, Salida, until 2021
Retired teacher, former Salida City Council Member
As a public school educator, now retired, Eileen has been involved in affordable housing dating back to the mid-80's. She participated in the organization and the first Colorado Springs Habitat for Humanities home construction. Eileen was part of the original team that created Greccio Housing, also in C.S., and was a member of Greccio's board for several years. As an elected official, Eileen championed affordable housing efforts in Salida and Chaffee County.


Read McCulloch, Executive Director
With 27 years experience in the nonprofit sector, Read has worked in large national and small local organizations in a variety of capacities. He was an Echoing Green Fellow, obtaining his master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Regis University as a Colorado Trust Fellow. 
In 2008, Read lead the creation and development of the Chaffee Housing Trust, and has served as E.D.

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