Home Buyer Information

Want to own your home?   Don't think you can afford it?   Don't have money for down payment?

Contact us to discuss your housing needs over the phone, or in-person. We can quickly determine your eligibility and explain next steps.

Though home prices in Chaffee County are high, you may be able to afford a Chaffee Housing Trust home based on your income (total annual income before taxes) and household size (number of people living full-time in your home, regardless of family affiliation):

Household size        Max. income
     1-person                   $37,700
     2-person                   $43,100
     3-person                   $48,500                  NEW INCOME LIMITS FOR 2018
     4-person                   $53,850
     5-person                   $58,200
     6-person                   $62,500

For example, if you are married with one child, or single with two kids, you are a 3-person household. If the total annual earnings before taxes of everyone in your household combined is less than $48,500, then you qualify as a household earning less than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). 
This makes you eligible for grants and subsidies to purchase your home.

For households who earn more than 80% AMI, there are loan programs available to you that don't require any down payment. 

We invite you to contact us to discuss your situation.

Contact us at info@chaffeehousing.org and 719-239-1199
PO Box 692, Buena Vista, CO 81211